Permanent Cosmetics

If you are tired of applying and reapplying lipstick, have difficulty applying eyeliner, or simply want to save time, permanent cosmetics may be for you.

Often called permanent makeup or micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics are a safe and controlled procedure in which microdots of colored pigment are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin.

Permanent Cosmetics include:
• Eyeliner
• Eyebrows
• Lip liner and lip color

Who Can Enjoy the Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics?
Permanent cosmetics are ideal for women who may have a visual or physical impairment that makes make-up application difficult. The process is also safe for those who are allergic to cosmetics, too. And active people who don't want to "sweat off" their make-up choose permanent cosmetics.

How Permanent Cosmetics Are Applied
The process is much like tattooing, but more controlled and subtle. After an initial consultation, the application may take an hour to 90 minutes. Approximately one week after your application, you may return for touch-ups to the shape of your lips, brows or eyeliner, or deepening of the color.

Permanent cosmetics are applied to the top layers of the skin, therefore the color will not wash off, but will gradually fade over time, therefore maintenance every two to three years is recommended.